Reading Shapes Play!

iamareaderRemember when we, as kids, didn’t need AA batteries… when we fueled our minds with books and pretend play… when we played with the other kids on the street and spoke to our neighbors?

I read about LittleFreeLibrary™ ( and identified with the message of sharing experiences, connecting with neighbors and firing up kid’s imaginations. LuvABox ( supports the healthy growth and development of kids through imaginative play. We support the LittleFreeLibrary™ movement to bring more of it back into our lives through reading and sharing favorite books.

I’ve put a LittleFreeLibrary™ box in front of our house at 425 Saint Ronan Street. Since putting the box up, with a bright red bow, I’m beginning to see an increase in the level of engagement among passers by and neighbors on the street. “Hellos” are exchanged. Today new books were dropped off and shared. We connect. We find shared interests. The box is encouraging interactions between “lunch- time” walkers, foreign students, children and neighborhood home -owners.

Here is how it works.

The library belongs to everyone! Neighbors, friends, passers by, adults, kids.
Anyone may use it.
Anyone can participate.
Anyone can share.
Pick up a book for your upcoming travels and drop it off at ANY LittleFreeLibrary™ worldwide.

Look for the bright red bow! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jane Lewis

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