Our Story

LuvABox is the brainchild of a mother/daughter team and was created as a result of our personal journey with childhood cancer.  In May 2011, our lives changed when our three-year-old granddaughter/ daughter, Moira was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia.  Her medical treatment began within hours of her diagnosis and the hospital quickly became home to our family as we began the intensive two-and-a-half year treatment plan.

Through the haze of chemotherapy and radiation, what shone through was the way in which our friends, neighbors and perfect strangers reached out to show their love and support. Our children received packages of stuffed animals, warm blankets and books, but what really captured the attention of Moira and her brothers was a large box that arrived one day.

After it was emptied, they painted and decorated the box as a fire engine.  The magic of the moment suspended the reality of the situation we were living through and illustrated two universal childhood truths:

1. Kid’s are wired to learn and grow through play.

2. Kids just love boxes!

Despite the reality of our situation, reading to the kids fired up their imagination. They drove their “truck” on imaginary errands to fantasy lands. Or, they sat in their “truck” and  read books.  Long after the box was gone, the magic lingered, along with the seeds of an idea. LuvABox was soon born.

We are dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancers and about the value of reading to children.

Thank you for reading our story. Please support our missions.

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