1. Are your paper products environmentally friendly?

It is reassuring to know that it is very difficult these days to find a paper product that is NOT environmentally friendly to some extent.   Our white labels for Henrietta are F-Cert PCWlOO, FSC-certified paper composed of 100% post-consumer fiber.  The adhesive used is a recycling compatible adhesive (RCA) and environmentally benign.

The paper we use for Henry is a natural kraft unbleached paper product.

2. How do I know where to place the stickers on the box?

Step by step written directions and a picture diagram of where to place the sticker pieces are included in each kit. If you have any problems, you can call Customer Service:

3. Can I use the stickers on a box that I want to send through the US Post Office?

Yes! Secure the stickers firmly and send a LuvABox off.

4. Can I use the stickers on a box size that you do not recommend?

Absolutely! Part of the fun you have from our sticker set is creating your own LuvABox version. For instance, at Christmas, one customer reused an Amazon box and used only the red 13” long stickers as  “ribbon” decoration. The stickers sealed and decorated the box, making it a beautiful gift to send and receive in the mail.

5. Where can I purchase the sticker kits?

No purchase necessary! Our sticker kits are FREE as long as supplies last. It is our purpose to encourage reading to fire up kids imaginations so that they play with abandon.

You ARE required to make a donation to the  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Contact us at info@luvabox.com to notify us that you made the donation.( honor system here)

Tell us whether you want Henry or Henrietta and include your address. It usually takes about 5-7 days by mail for you to receive our sticker kit.

6. What guarantee do you offer with your kits?

We guarantee you will feel GREAT knowing that you are  helping  to beat childhood cancer and that your kids imaginations will be fired up!

7. How do I get refund?

Hmmm… yes.. there are no refunds if you aren’t filled with joy knowing that you’ve helped kids.

8. Do you want feedback about your product?

We luv receiving your comments and seeing pictures of how your kids used the kits or  a box or wrote a story because their imagination was fired up after  reading a good book.

Please send an email to info@luvabox.com.  We check it regularly and will respond quickly. 

9. How can I help LuvaBox grow its missions of  promoting reading and finding cures for leukemias and lymphomas?

We invite you to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest and join the journey.