DIY Thanksgiving Turkeys



Hands on learning  and craft project have proven to increase student learning. The arts and crafts our kids do and bring home serve another valuable purpose. They bring joy to the eyes of many beholders. Bringing our kids crafts out each year, no matter how battered, are not only nostalgic reminders of time past, they contribute to our family story.

The kids identify with each craft they made. These items become part of our family culture and traditions as much as the turkey and pumpkin pie. The paper plate turkeys and handprints serve a purpose that binds us together. Comments and recognition of the crafts from parents and grandparents translate into feelings of acceptance by the kids. An emotional connection is made. A feeling of security and gratitude is created.

It’s the process that counts in these crafts, not the product. That is what makes them so endearing. Here are 3 suggestions for Thanksgiving crafts.

1. Kids 2-4: Tracing hands and turning the outlines into turkeys is a favorite activity.Here are variations on this common theme. For this age group, the tracing, cutting and gluing develops fine motor skills. The final product, whatever it looks like, is their contribution to the Thanksgiving table décor. The process not the product

2. Kids 2-6 : Bubble Wrap Indian Corn from Kiwi Crate. (www.kiwicrate) is a craft the kids literally jump on! Let them break the bubbles. Cut out a turkey shape instead of cornhusks. Then apply paint colors and feathers, their choice. The process is as fun as the final product. Put it on your front door for everybody to enjoy.

3. Kids 6+ will find wire sculpture wooden spool birds created by Joel Henriques, imaginatively fun as well as challenging. Look at newpaper or magazine pictures to develop your kids awareness about how a mood or a pose communicates an action or attitude. Then let the kids create a flock of birds with personality.       3wiresculpturesdancingandwatching wiresculpturedancingbirds

Happy Thanksgiving!


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All profits from the sale of our sticker kits goes to support childhood cancer research and childhood cancer play therapy programs.



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