Creating 1095 Miracles

sidabarwidget-girlinbox-3We create miracles for our children when we allow them to play. As parents, we believe that play is an innate imperative for their healthy social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Out of personal experience, we have observed that sad stories on the children’s oncology floor at hospitals, become happy ones when we see a sick child playing. A  boy diagnosed with ALL ( acute lymphocytic  leukemia) spends approximately 3 years in active medical treatment to over come the disease. That is 1095 days. A girl spends 2 ½ years in active chemotherapy treatment.( Numbers may vary depending on the protocol.)

We created LuvABox to realize a goal. We want to serve our children and our medical clinicians and researchers. Our 1095 Campaign  advocates and brings life to our belief that structured and unstructured play is a process that children, whatever the reality of their situation, depend upon for their healthy social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

HenryandHenrietta-widgetsliderPlay is the life of a child. A cardboard box symbolizes that. We’ve designed and created inexpensive sticker kits for you to purchase and turn an ordinary cardboard box into an opportunity for a child’s imaginative playtime. For parents, the worry and stress of caring for their child with cancer is compounded when they see him/her unable  to play. All profits from the sale of LuvABox stickers go to supporting continued research into childhood cancers and the care of children undergoing treatment.

Follow our campaign on FB and friend us. Follow us on Twitter. Be part of our story and leave a comment.  Read our blogs. Check out our website. Buy our sticker kits because, “Sometimes, what is on the OUTSIDE  does matter.”


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