Ready! Set! Play!

infographicECEWhen we were kids, we played “in the moment”. We loved playing because of the   excitement and the pure thrill it gave us. Today, as parent’s, we know that play is important in the daily life of a child. Time for unstructured play and recess has diminished in our kids school days. School administrators worry about safety, lost instructional time and supervision of kids. They don’t see that recess is a good way for kids to spend their time.

The good news is that awareness about the benefits of self directed play among children is increasing. Parents are demanding changes in their kid’s school days.We are convincing school boards and administrators to put recess back into our kid’s day. We want kids  to reap the benefits of self directed play that WE had as kids. AND…. we are coming armed to school administrators with data to make it happen.

  •  The American Academy of Pediatrics  supports play, saying that it is  essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical and social emotional well being of children and youth.
  • Independent research shows that recess improves kid’s attention while they do their academic work.
  • Research in public health points to recess as possibly providing activity that reduces childhood obesity.
  • Researchers argue that because kids think in a functional way. Kids play is “best suited for the free play settings” that recess provides.

In our heart of hearts, we know that all these reasons don’t touch the truth about the value of playing. The lasting effects of the interactions our kids have during recess are not measured on any paper and pencil test. The play and the activities that kids create themselves during recess, influence their developing characters.

Kids play baseball, hockey, 4 square,soccer etc  and discover that being engaged in a team efforts is exhilarating and worth the bleeding knees or bruises that become badges of  their courage.

Oh, there are tears. But there is laughter and joy too. The lumps, bumps and challenges of playing develop our kid’s temperament as well as the quality of their character.

Kids discover what they like to do and who they are.They develop a sense of honesty and fair play.They learn to get along with other kids and their accomplishments speak for themselves. They understand the motives and feelings of other kids. They learn how to negotiate with others and diffuse tricky situations. Their future successes depend on how well they learn to play and get along with others in play.


Today is Global School Play Day. But play isn’t just for the schoolyard.As parents, we help our kids when we play with them.

National Play Outside Day is a movement with one simple goal: to get friends and families to play together. Yes..just go outside and do something fun with your friends and family. Being a great parent is as easy as that! Play with your kids. It’s an investment that gives you an outstanding return. You contribute to the healthy self esteem of your kids.

Saturday February 7 2015 is the next National Play Outside Day. Mark it on the calendar. Make playing together a monthly tradition.

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