1095 Reasons to Play!



To explore and to discover the best that is in you, allowing it to grow so that you live a balanced life of love, work and play.

I have my favorite t-shirt. It fits right. It drapes well. It holds its shape. It’s substantial. Children’s play is like that too. Once school is done, the rhythms of our days change. Kids discover their favorite t-shirts, literally and figuratively, growing their sense of well-being.

Come summer, kids slip on delight- filled pleasures like swimming, biking and crawling into bed with a good read and having late “lights out.” Kids explore, discover and reaffirm their personal strengths and virtues in unstructured, self-directed, yet supervised, play during the lazy days of summer.

Among the many favorite t-shirts our 10 year old daughter had, one was reading. One summer she set herself the goal of filling up both sides of her library card. Reading and returning the books to the library, on time, was a simple act. She understood the responsibility and respect for using property that wasn’t hers. She discovered worth in sharing ideas from the books she read.

In the digital age, there is no library card. No due date. Download a book. It’s quick and easy. Ahh… here is the rub!  We can’t pass a book on and share the good read with somebody else. Our direct experience is diluted without sharing the physical book. The subtle impact of taking a book, returning a book and sharing it is lost.

Our picture of the 3 piano players exploring, playing and sharing a “feel good” time embodies the #100th reason of our 1095 Reasons to Play: To explore and to discover the best that is in you, grow with it and live a balanced life of love, work and play.

Wearing a favorite piece of clothing ( these twins are still searching) is an emotional choice. Wearing it makes you feel good and changes your mood. You feel positive. You get a positive reaction from other people. Joyful experiences, like play, that fit well have a substantial impact on us socially and emotionally. Everyone wants to be connected. “Play   drives language, movement, attention, planning and scores of other essential brain functions” ( Benham-Lewin) . It is this and more. It’s been my experience, that holding our shape and being draped well, socially and emotionally shows results. Our children flourish in love, work and play.


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