Sometimes it’s what’s on the OUTSIDE that matters!


It’s a universal fact of life that kids will always be more captivated by the box itself, rather than what’s inside the box. To an imaginative child, an empty box holds a world of possibilities – it could be a playhouse, a castle, a fire engine, or a fort. Perhaps even a dune buggy.

LuvABox is a unique product that combines imaginative play with practical repurposing. Our oversized, themed sticker sets encourage children to run with their imaginations, quite literally. When your child has exhausted the play opportunities, the box can be repurposed using the included themed resealing tape and labels and sent on to a journey to bring delight to the next recipient.

Both playful and practical, LuvABox’s fanciful designs will appeal to children, while their eco-friendly parents will appreciate the greater teachable lesson in preserving our planet’s resources. Never has recycling been so fun… or so adorable!

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